Brighter futures begin…

With a brighter beginning

Our Young Creators at Academy of the Arts is designed to equip your child with all the right resources, backed by a purposeful and intentional curriculum, so that we can work together as a tribe to mentor our children in ways that set them up for real life success.

Parenting is absolutely different now than generations past, so how can you support this generation to thrive?
And the excitement begins with YOU!

Did you know?

Success Performance Solutions predicted that 65% of students will be employed in jobs THAT DON’T EXIST YET.

Thomas Frey, futurist, predicted that by 2030, over 2 BILLION JOBS won’t exist anymore – that’s more than 50% of all jobs today!

Dell Technologies report that by the same year, 85% of jobs in 2030 haven’t yet been created!

Who’s going to create those jobs?
Who will take charge of the future?

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Even wondered about the why behind the Academy?

Even wondered about the why behind the Academy?

Even wondered about the why behind the Academy? I'm coming to you live on this cyber Monday (and out of your inbox) to share the reasons why I opened the Academy 16 years ago, and where it's headed in its 17th season. Let me know how YOU found the Academy below.

Podcast Kids Q&A Live

Podcast Kids Q&A Live

Podcast Kids Q&A Live - Your questions answered live Last week we launched our first Intentional Technology Class, Podcast Kids. We've had lots of questions about this 4 week workshop which begins on Tuesday, November 21. Today on this live broadcast, I'll be...



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